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30 January 2010 @ 08:27 pm
Each manga is a Japanese manga (the second and third book are by Usami Maki), with the language in Chinese.

Sold seperately. $3.00 USD each.

IN AUSTRALIA $2 USD each OR $5.00 USD for 3
EVERYWIN USA & EUROPE: $4.00USD for 1 OR $10.00USD for ALL
Anywhere else please ask me :)

Good condition - Brand new! from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Not responsible for postal damage or postal loss, though I have not had that happen when I use to sell goods on ebay and livejournal.

Leave a comment if interested or buying. I'm happy to answer any questions :)

30 January 2010 @ 08:25 pm
Please leave Feedback of my sales here. Thank you!
22 June 2009 @ 03:09 am
So I was clearing out my house and found more stuff I bought when I was in Japan ...mainly more chupa chup phone charms. i also found some high school musical/camp rock/ hannah montanna/miley cyrus stickers which i bought for my sister but never ended up giving to her :S. So i'm selling this stuff:


Chupa chup phone charms are in RARE flavours that are very hard to find in stores and on ebay. These are the flavours that everyone goes for: x1 strawberry, x1 pineapple, x2 berry and yoghurt. I'm also selling them cheaper than ebay (someone was selling them for twelve usd!).

I am selling the chupa chup phone charms for $4.50 USD EACH, and if you buy all 3, i will throw in the 4th one free. PAYPAL ONLY, USD only, please.

Shipping to anywhere in the world $3.50 USD. No refunds, not responsible for trip damage (but i will wrap them up super nice so they'll be safe.

If interested leave a comment on my lj please! serious buyers ONLY, thank you!!!


I'm selling the sheet for $3 USD. pretty much what goes for above: PAYPAL ONLY, USD only, please.

Shipping to anywhere in the world $2.50 USD. No refunds, not responsible for trip damage (but i will wrap them it up super nice so the stickers will be safe.

Two nano chupa chups phone charms for sale. Brand new. Each chupa chup charm is about 3 cm long.
  • Coca cola (Blue)
  • Chocolate and vanilla (marron)
$5.50 U.S shipped for both together ($1 US for each chupa chup phone charm and $3.50 US for postage for both together)

Pay in US dollars, please :) makes it easier for me coz I deal in US dollars. Please leave a comment if interested in buying or have a question. Thanks!

They come from this collection, except they are not featured in this ad:
21 February 2009 @ 07:13 pm
I'm moving houses so i'm desperately seeking to get rid of my manga!!!


-Alice 19th volumes 2,3,4
-Marmalade boy Volumes 5,7

Good condition for used, smoke free/pet free home, no stains, no incriptions, mangas in ENGLISH

$4 U.S. each (not including postage which depends on where you live). Paypal only.

I will include a disc with scanlations with the of the rest of the story FREE or give you links to where you can buy the rest of the series for cheap if you want to collect the volumes.

Please leave a message here if you wanna buy!

11 February 2009 @ 07:58 pm
Selling pretty and tasty lipsmackers :D (not that you should eat them or anything. haha)

If you've got questions or are interested in buying, please leave a comment and let me know :) Lipsmackers are all new and in mint condition with no lipsmacker packaging (less rubbish for the environment). I can't take responsibility for anything that happens during the postage department, but i try to pack them for a safe journey :D The costs below do NOT include postage fees. I do post internationally. Postage fees depend on where you live, but i'll work it out if you tell me the country you live in or postcode (if you live in australia). I only take paypal and would only like to be paid in Australian dollars at the moment, please. i don't do refunds, sorry!

Set #1 Vanilla Coca Cola lipsmacker trio $7.oo AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (roughly $4.5 U.S)

For $7.00 you get all three: the normal lipsmacker, liquid lipsmaker and rolly lipsmaker.

Set #2 Flavoured Fanta lipsmacker duo $4.00 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (roughly $2.6 U.S)

For $4.00 you get both the grape fanta lipsmacker and strawberry fanta lipsmaker.
I'm selling a fairly large double sided poster of the Hey! Say! JUMP boys for $4.50 (US dollars) including postage OR $7 (Aus dollars) including postage. (It's the same difference when you convert the currency). It's in good condition/ new because I never used it. I post internationally. Please leave a comment or email me on lj if you're interested in buying it. I don't do returns sorry!